Discover some of the most versatile Smart Running Holders for Joggers

The Flip Belt UNowadays, we use our smartphones for fitness. To keep them in place during jogs or runs, we use running holders. Here are the best ones today. Running holders are accessories which are engineered to help us carry our phones and keep them in place as we whiz past the final mile. They provide us with a way to run with our phones hands-free. With that said, members our team have independently researched and tested some of the best running holders in the market. They've made some in depth reviews of these accessories based on their design, functionality, durability and compatibility with various smartphones. We've selected the top 5 of the best in terms of easy, smart usage.

Trianium Armtrek Pro

The Trianium Armtrek takes the top position in our list. It is an arm accessory that features a universal design capable of hosting a variety of phones. Made from a sweat-resistant Velcro band, it accommodates a wide range of arm sizes of up to 14 inches. Trianium Armtrek Pro comes with a plastic touch-screen cover that offers the capability of using your smartphone on the go. We loved the concealed pockets which were designed for storing small valuables like house keys and money. We cannot forget to mention the non-slip beading located at the back of the armband. It is supposed to maintain a secure, even fit.

Fitletic Hydra Hydration Belt

The Fitletic Hydra Hydration Belt also made it high on our list. This is a waist band that offers users the ability to carry both their smartphones and preferred drinks. It has an upgraded pouch which can fit large phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 plus. We loved the idea of the two exterior gel loops designed for easy access while on the run.

The Flip Belt

Our review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the FlipBelt. This is a sleek and effective waist band. It comes with four pockets. Two at the front and at the back. The four pockets design provides a chance to tuck in phones, gel packs, keys, credit cards and other necessities needed for a jog. The belt is worn inside out. This keeps everything in place. What really captured our attention was the machine-washable high tech Spandex-Lycra blend material. The belt is also quite comfortable. One might forget that they have it on easily.

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus

The Nathan SpeedDraw is slightly large when it is compared to other running holders. However, it is fitted with fully adjustable hand straps that allow comfortable movement and easy grip. It has a large expandable zipper. It also has an insulated flask for food and drinks. This accessory also has small pockets designed for phones, cash, and keys among other items.

Tune Belt Armband

For those who appreciate the idea of simplicity, the Tune Belt Armband would be the perfect choice. This is a sweat resistant armband which has a clear screen cover Its design is perfectly made for large phones like iPhone 6’s to medium sized smartphones like Samsung.